Week of day duration seconds

I want to show as a point seven days a week on the screen
I added seven separate points as a sequence
but I could not set duration (seconds) or offset (second)
so, how many seconds duration a day

see attachmentexample

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So you have 7 image layers and you want to set the opacity of each layer based on the day of the week. Is that right?

yes right
same like png files

or another way

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As @lucky.andrei provided in the links above, I don’t believe you need to use seconds for what you are trying to do.

Facer has tags that return the day of the week as a number:


You can set the opacity of your images by checking the value of the tag. Place the following expression in the opacity field of your images as follows:

Sunday: $#DOW#==0?100:0$
Monday: $#DOW#==1?100:0$


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