Weekdays appear with full name on all faces

Good morning Guys

First of all, apologies for any kick in the english language, It’s not my first language.

I’m new to this smartwatch world, so bare with me if you can.

I downloaded a few faces but on all of them the weekday that on the images avaiable show up as resumed (3 leeters weekday) appear with the full name.

Am I doing something wrong? is there any way to correct this? This kind of bothers me because the full name falls off the designed margins, making the faces look bad.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Strange issue. Which smart watch do you own? Did you try to delete and reinstall facer on both watch and phone? Sometimes this helps…

Hi there phantasico

I have a TicWatch Pro

I tried with different faces, right now I removed must of them, but one that I am sure that this happens is GAUSS Discovery Gun Metal. For testing purposes I just reloaded it and I have the same issue.

Example: (sorry for the portuguese weekdays) On the app I see the weekday as SEG, but when I load the face to the watch it appears as “SEGUNDA”

Thank you once again for any input on this

Well, this shouldn‘t happen. In the watchface it‘s a simple value. We should ask @Facer-Staff or @Facer_Official. Maybe they know more about it…

I am sorry i can‘t help you more, never heard about that kind of issue before.

We’ll look into it!

Thank you all for the quick awnsers and support.

@Facer_Official, if necessary I can take some screnshots of the issue.

Thank you once again.

Hi there @Facer_Official

Any updates on this issue?

I did a recheck and I have this issue on several faces :confounded:

Any help would be much appreciated.



I redid a test. Apperently it’s related with the phone language, not the Wear OS. Weird.

I changed my phone language to English and “voila”.

For future reference if someone has this issue, change the language on the phone to english :slight_smile: