Weird duplication of font

A user of one of my faces has an issue with the font repeating itself. I can’t figure out what is going on, but they said they have a Ticwatch I think. I haven’t heard anyone else mention this issue with the face which has 1653 syncs since Mar 4.

I’ll post the face and the pic the user sent me. If anyone has any ideas about how to fix, please let me know, I HATE putting out content that is less than perfect. Thanks!

EDIT: You have to click on the user pic to see the whole face.

If you are using the glow or stroke setting on the text editor, that may be causing the issue.


Glow effect in text is not well rendered in Ticwatch E and Sport. Its a well known issue.

aaaaHHAAAAhhhhh! You people are the best. Thank you.

As soon as I get a chance, I’m gonna revise it.

So we can’t really use glow/stroke then? Is that something they’re going to fix?

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Only @Facer_Official can answer that! I prefer no to use glow and stroke, or maybe some workarounds involving more layers…

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Roger that, had I known, I’d never have set foot in the effects menu. Thanks!

I took the glow off the bottom right large seconds and milliseconds area only. If anyone has a Ticwatch and can test it, let me know if that weird duplication thing is still happening. Thanks in advance!