Well this is the strangest thing i think i have ever done

Just to point out their are absolutely no GIF anims in this at all everything is done with maths it was fun tell me what you think


I like it, maybe personally I would like a little more colour.

Since you like playing reflections you could name it London and add “The Shard”

I really would like to learn to do animations, in my head I have a bunch but no idea even how to begin

HEHE how about that for adding colour

I Do like it more.
Numbers are a little dull now though (3, 6, 9, 12)

Damn that is amazing work, I need you to give me clases lol

Their hows that mate

I dont know how it did look mate, but right now it looks superb :thumbsup:

it looked different mate i added the shard and increased some glares also im not sure if it works but tried to make the shard look like a reflection on the glass rather than an actual image

That looks absolutely amazing.
A think it has improved 200%

Great job

Great thanks mate i love having feedback i can always change things as you can tell and now i am happy with it will do dim mode and publish.

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Now that…is slick.

I actually like the dim more even more hahahaha
Will that shine will move in dim mode?

Very clever and unique - I like it!

:astonished:I wish I had paid better attention to mathematics