We're does FACER downloads data from?

I need to know Where does facer download FIT DATA FROM? My step counter is correct but the calories burned doesn’t match neither Google fit nore ticwatch fit. So at this point I have 3 different calorie screens and they all show different information.
My watch face
Ticwatch fit
Google fit
Can someone please explain this smartwatch rookie what’s going on?

Pretty much any Facer face you use that has a calorie counter on it is just a formula someone used to get it. So that being said, different formulas will give different calorie counts depending on the formula used. The formula I use is by @andrew.dowden which is based on the step count.


The ones from TicWatch Fit and Google Fit have the same issue. It all depends on their formulas for guesstimating calories.

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Why does facer needs Google fit permissions then? I thought it connects with Google fit and that’s we’re it gets the info?
And thank you for an answer you awesome :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about the need for Google Fit permissions. I wear Samsung watches and have Samsung Fitness and I’ve never had to give Facer permission for it. Just for my watch sensors.