What am i missing?

File needed for putting pic on face?

If you are asking what kind of picture file you can use, it’s .png or .jpg files. Facer does not support .gif files.

Facer supports .gif if there are 25 frames or less

I’ve tried with a single non moving .gif and get the warning that Facer does not support that file format.

Sequence - As far back as I can remember there has always been an option

I’ve never used Sequence, I just haven’t had the need for it before. I guess I need to expand my experiences and play with it and see what I can do…

I’ve used the Sequence option quite a lot Mr Antisocial Guy, you just need to break down your gif into single frames, of which 25 (as lucky.andrei stated) can then be used to make your sequence. I always add the frames in reverse order as well. If you haven’t any tools to split your gifs, I always use THIS SITE, but quite often I get more than 25 frames, in which case I break them down evenly until I’m left with 25. Hope this helps you kind Sir.

I’ve bookmarked it and started using it. VERY HELPFUL! Thanks!

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Your most welcome Sir, happy I could actually be of help to you for a change :joy:

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