What do I do after I have a Draft in My Designs?

Brand new to creating faces! I think I have created a few, and saved them. I see they transferred to the app on my phone.I have them on my watch.

I see it says they are a Draft. Do I need to do anything else with them?

Thanks! I’m enjoying the process.

Hi Amy.

Draft means they are not yet published in the public areas.

You have to open this draft and press the big “Publish”-button in the upper right. Fill out the forms, select the smart watch you want to display your watch face with, accept the Terms of Service and press the other “Publish” button.

That´s it.

Greetings, GAUSS.

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Phantasico, I’m having the same issue. I have done it the way you explained but nothing at all happens when I hit the other publish button. They all still say Status:Draft. Sorry, I am a newbie at all this. Am I missing something?

Thank you, Ronda

If you follow @GAUSS 's advise it should work.

On the editor page:

  1. finish editing and press save

  2. press "publish

On the publish page:

  1. select the watch you want to display your design on

  2. fill in the title and description, choose the category in which to publish your design and add tags if you want

  3. tick the box to accept the terms

  4. hit publish button

It should work…


Great explanation @mikeoday!

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@Ronda, it appears that your profile has 10 designs published. If you were trying to publish an additional watch face, perhaps it wouldn’t work because of a copyright issue. According to Facer TOS, make sure that you own all the images that you use, and you should be ok.
Have fun!

Thank you Mikeoday and Linlay for your help! I finally realized that it was all because I didn’t put a description on any of them. LOL


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