What do you think about this apple face?

Honest Opinion What do you all think?

Hi Derrick, it’s a spectacular photo… Or even if it’s a composite, it’s still great. For my own preference I’m not a fan of the limited option for Apple faces of essentially just being a wallpaper with digital time. I rather my watch feel more like a timepiece. But that limitation is no fault of yours and so then I’d say if that’s your photo or your composite work I really like it, but if it’s just a photo off the internet than I’m less compelled. There you go, the honest opinion you asked for :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your honest feedback. The picture is digitally split and reimaged. there are many options i went with before submitting this one. I will say apple has many constraints but im hoping to get partnered to get more options on the other side of watches to show my true talent.