What do you think of this design?

I think it’s a good work.


Very nice work, well done, it looks great :smiley:


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You have some nice Faces in your Collection, good work. I see you like Hexagons as well, so take a look at these I created before, you might get some inspiration, you never know -

Is the watch also available in Inspector Mode?
I like movements in the face very much. However, I’m not that good with the formulas.

You have really cool faces in your portfolio. Great!

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Thank you very much, and yes, most of my Faces have Inspection Mode turned ON for you to have a look. I also am rubbish at Math, so I usually ask for help with Formulas.

The face is nice in general. I see you manged to “bend” there some numbers. It would look way better if you could prepare the 3 words (steps, watch, phone) around arc too, as an image for example.

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Hi petruuccios.
It’s a good idea. Next i will try. Thanks