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Hi guys,

I’ve been working hard on this design, I want to outdo myself every day. As usual, I wish I had the opportunity to get your advice and feedback in order to improve it. Please, if you have time, please test it, I wanna know how it looks on other smartwatches.

by the way, my english is not good enough, Im also trying to improve it.


Digital time HH:MM and seconds
| Main typography designed by myself
| Weather icon and text
| AM/PM/24h
| Dynamic circular battery level around the watch
| Battery Icon will turn into red when battery is under 20%
| Step Counter with progress bar and goal percentage for 8k
| Animated runner man
| Km done
| Burned calories
| Heart rate
| DIM mode

Encouraging messages: (reach next level)

0 to 1999 : Go! Go!
2000 to 4999: You can!
5000 to 7999: You rock!
8000 : Good job!

Wishes for the future:
| Launch app button
| Themable


I like it. Great color choice. Nice job! It looks beautiful on my watch and seems to be working well.

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Great sport digital you have there! Very well done! Congrats.

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Very good job. Excellent design.

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Looks great!

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Excellent work. How do you create the progress bar? Thanks

Likely with a cutout mask, and a rotating coloured circle behind.

I used the same method here, for both steps and battery:

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