What do you thinkof this animation

Still pretty new at this and woorking on different animation types. Would like opinions on this face

This similar one as well

I like the first one more than the second. I wonder though about readability. Could you increase the size of the circle at the middle and increase the test size as well.

1st Watchface -
I like the animation, good speed, organized/clean. The center makes the text easier to read, however, you’re likely going to have a problem with the text with longer days/months (IE: Wednesday, November)… I bypass that issue by using the abbreviation version (Thu Apr)

2nd Watchface -
Not as much of a fan of this one. Nice idea, but totally unreadable. Outline the text with black, or duplicate it/add shadows. Same with the text throughout. Shadows on the hands would help a lot. Organize the text a bit, it seems somewhat unbalanced as a design as a result.