What does this Symbol mean and how to activate it?

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This question might sound stupid, but with every watch face you select, before syncing it it shows you the face on your watch and to the left you can “speed up time” to see how it looks on your watch. Right under it there is this “Sun Symbol” or “Brightness Symbol”. What does it mean? For example i have a Face called “E39 Guage”(yes its really misspelled in Facer too) and its white all the time on a black background. But if i tap on this "Sun/Brightness Symbol it shows the Numbers and everything else in an Orange color on an Black background. I want to know what does this mean and how to activate it? (My watch is a Mobvoi Ticwatch E)

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When the symbol looks like a sun, it is showing you the active mode of the watch. When you click it and it switches to a half moon symbol it is showing the watch face in the “Always On Mode” or inactive mode. To activate it on a TicWatch E you swipe down on the face, then click the gear icon for settings. In settings click display and next to the bottom enable the “Always on screen” option.


10/10 really nice answer with an instruction for my watch as well. Never thought someone would care this much :slight_smile:

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Same question for my samsung GEAR S3 Frontier ?
How to activate it DIM because it is still in AOD ?

On my Gear S3 you have to do two things. First turn on AOD mode in the settings clicking the little analog watch face icon. Next you have to have the Facer app on your watch settings AOD set to Classic not Dimmed. If you have Dimmed selected it will only dim your active screen. The settings can be changed by triple tapping the Facer watch face and clicking the right arrow until you come to the settings page.

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yes now i remember it is well in the app that we activate DIMMED i no longer knew thank you very much i will be able to take advantage of the dim screens on the faces that i made.

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