What element do you think is necessary for a good watchface?

Is there a single element (or a group) that really makes a watchface stand out for you?

Or do you prefer to make sure there is space in the face so that it is readable?

Is there a point you find it necessary to stop before you put in too much?


For my personal use besides the obvious time display, it would have to be weather and battery. Steps are nice, but I can easily switch to the health widget to see that. The same with the date. I never want heart rate because if I want to know what it is, I want to know what it is now, not a few minutes ago.


I’m a minimalist. And I love moon phases. I’m trying to add some more stuff now and then, because I feel people want that information, but I haven’t published any of those yet


I think it needs good ballance of elements, so you do not need to specially focus to read or find anything. And if it is eye-candy, even better.


My essentials are time, date, and battery. Very occasionally one of those may be sacrificed for the good of the design, but for myself as a smart watch user, I want those 3 ready at glance. But… My smart watch essential data is steps, distance, current temp, and hi/lol forecast for the day. So every premium face I make has that info included in an optional digital screen (Hybrid Mode).


As a non-designer, what i look for in a watchface

Analog or digital or both
Day, Date, watch battery level
If it is clean, the weather as well, current and tomorrow forecast.
Cloudy or clear skys stated is cool, if clean but not needed as it starts to get cluttered.


My main requirements are the Time, Date, and Battery Percentage: if I want to see anything else, then it’s just a tap or two away. A decent colour themed balance is also nice.


By definition (remember, vintage!), I’m a minimalist functionally and cosmetically. Generally just time and date, and maybe battery level to make it “seem” useful to bystanders-- even though a simple swipe of the screen gives battery or weather data.

I started going out of my comfort zone with my birthstone faces.

Most vintage watches are functionally simple, but then there are the complicated ones with chrono, day/date, etc. Then there’s fancy regatta/yachting watches…


Analogue Hrs Mins
Seconds Ticking 1/2 sec
Good clear Ticks with a few numerals .
Watch Battery Power

Day of the Month
Moon phase classic or 28 step
Digital Hybrid 12/24 hrs
am/pm for 12 hrs
Day of week , Month
Sun Rise Sun Set.
Heart rate.


In that order .


I originally came to Facer long ago because Samsung would not allow both weather data and health data on the same watchface at the same time. I have no idea if this is still the case, but I still very much wish these on the same face at the same time.

So, for me, in order of importance:

  • time (both 24hr & 12 hr automatic switchable is essential, with am/pm on/off as required)

  • date (metric format, not imperial)

  • Steps

  • Current weather conditions & temperature

  • 3 to 5 day forecast

  • 3 to 5 day hi/low graph

  • heart rate

  • moon phase or other data

  • sunrise/sunset

  • I’d show the next calendar item too if Facer would only support that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


That would be a nice function for @Facer_Official to add.


So weird.
Apple is very restrictive about many things, but we can do weather and health info, np.
Go figure. :roll_eyes:

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Time; day; date; battery level. I like uncluttered and readable dials at a glance.
I like to have other informations too, but in a hidden way. I can access hidden informations by tapping the dial to recall them.
Just as the faces that @kvansant does