What font does Tag Heuer use in the ring of their Carrera and Connect watches?

I’d like to copy the tachymeter font which they’re using. Any idea what font that is?
Can’t find it anywhere as far as I’ve seen.

Nuber Next Regular Extended.

sorry for not mentioning.

I ment the dail numbers

That might be a bit risky. Elements that are copied from a name brand might be flagged by Facer’s filter which would cause it to be removed.

Hey, mate. Looking for that numerals font as well. Did you find it?

Ok, I found it. It’s Venus Rising. :+1:t4:

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Welcome @reedy.trivia_0p . Great Font well spotted . Take care when you Publish stuff that is a Representation of a Famous Manufactures Watch . Duplicate your work before you Publish it . The Bot could take it down as you publish, or it could get taken down during a Manual Inspection Later on . You will only be notified after it has Gone . Some Legacy Faces are OK but it is Difficult to say what . Mickey Mouse Faces seem to be Fair Game . You would think One was enough . There are hundreds .

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