What happened to MD Du,'art?

MD Du’art from Brazil was one of my favorite face makers, I loved his stuff. He only asked for the cost of a cup of coffee, which I gladly donated. I would have paid for at least a dozen of his faces. I just went to install one and I see all his faces are grayed out in my favorites and I can’t find him in the community.

Did he leave? Is he now charging for those faces? Sorry but the built in search isn’t very good.

If you’re reading this and you left I hope you come back.


It is quite possible that Facer Blocked his Account. The Buy Me a Coffee gig is contrary to Facer Policy. Some times we have to read the Terms and Conditions. But I could be wrong.


That’s too bad if that was the case. He had some fantastic watch faces. I would have paid for a few. I hope Facer and he could work something out. He was a credit to the app.

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