What happens when you finally reach over 30,000 syncs?

Just wondering what happens if I finally have over 30,000 syncs in total??? Does it have to be over 30K with one watch design? Or all??

Basically I am trying to become a LEGEND here :slightly_smiling_face:


What do you mean what happens after 30k syncs? You get more syncs. Lol


I don’t know, but I’m at 28700. When I hit 30k I’ll let you know. :rofl:


Well it happened. I’m now at 30,018 syncs and it was amazing. The sky opened up and God Almighty was standing there and said “welcome child”…No actually nothing happened. I didn’t even get an email from Facer or anything. Not even a notice in the Facer app. I wouldn’t have known except I looked in Facer Creator and it showed where I broke 30k. “Yawn”!!! :rofl:


Congratulations on the milestone!

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I meant when do I become like a partner or get some more special features to design watches?

I just wanted like an additional heart icon or to be able to put a price tag on watch face or something :slight_smile:

Why thank you. I guess I will retire now.

Well, i personally don‘t do watch face design for fame, honor or cash. Designing is pure Zen for me and a great way to canalize my creativity. My bonus are people loving some of my designs, people from the opposite side of the world…


@mrantisocialguy :slight_smile:
I never opened up the clouds and said „WELCOME CHILD!“…


But, hey, man - check it out - what a great milestone you did!

Congratulations, yeaaaah.


Well, if you pay them enough money and then they look at your work and invite you to join the partner group then is when you get all the fame and fortune. The key words are on the Become a Facer Creator Partner page where it says and I quote.

" To support this goal, we’ve created the Facer Creator Partner Program , an invite-only tier of features and services reserved to the best of the best on Facer."

To qualify for the Facer Creator Partner Program:

  • You must be an independent designer who produces high-quality, innovative, and diverse watch faces on Facer
  • Your watch faces must have received at least 5,000 syncs in the past 30 days
  • You must have created at least one collection of watch faces showcasing your own designs, with a banner respecting our quality guidelines
  • You must be an active and constructive member of the Facer community, including its forums, comment threads, etc.
  • You must have zero copyright/trademark infringement strikes. See www.facer.io/copyright
  • You must respect Facer’s terms of services. See www.facer.io/terms

If you satisfy these criteria and are selected by the Facer team, you will receive an invite by email.

You really have more chance of becoming Colin Kaepernick’s backup quarterback on the New England Patroits than becoming a partner. BUT there is a chance!

I have to agree with @GAUSS I just enjoy doing it and other geeky things like Amateur Ham Radio, website administration and writing web pages and anything else that’s technical. It don’t hurt though having people contact me and tell me how much they like my watch faces and receive requests to personalize my work for them. It’s cool to be wanted and appreciated. :hugs: