What is Gold star by one of your faces

What does the gold star mean beside one of my faces

Gold star means that the face is premium and only can be synced by subscription or direct purchase. Greetings

When you utilize a feature that’s reserved for premium designs, it automatically flags the design as one that can only be sync’d by subscription/purchase as @carlosfilippa stated.

In this case it looks like having the weather icon tappable (interactive) to trigger the weather app on your phone is what’s responsible.

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I just cant afford to be GOLD STAR. Gold star is for the rich :slight_smile:

OK should I take it down?

Hey marco, you can download it now. Have a nice day.

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It’s up to you.

It’s like I told @marco1976 there’s nothing wrong with it, but it does kind of limit who can download it. If it’s a watchface that has similar watches like it out there, a lot of people may skip it opting for the easier to get watch.

That being said, if it’s an awesome watch that uses the extra stuff well people will grab it.

Alternately, you could do two versions of the watch, one with the add ons and one without. If it’s just for you, then do what you want :slight_smile: