What is the point of watchfaces with a heart rate indicator?

May be I am not understanding something, but what is the point of watchfaces with a heart rate indicator? Unless it is in the continuous measurement mode (which drains the battery) it would show an old measurement and therefore it would be useless?

I mean i personally check my heart rate a few times a day- its nice to generally keep track of it - That said i do that because i have heart issues- but knowing what your resting and ctive heart rates are can be really healthy! it just depends if thats your style-

if its not showing the latest one thats ok for a lot of people who focus on heart rate trends!


I believe they are coded to check your heart rate every so so. I’m not positive. But it is a good thing to have for some. Like @celes.meh mentioned its good for people with a heart condition, which I also have. I have faces with heart rate monitors and faces without and I myself cannot tell a difference in battery usage.


Yes, you can configure your watch to check heart rate continuously. The reason I am asking is that I am thinking to create a version of my AG Outdoor 12K with a heart rate indicator for people who do a lot of walking so they can monitor their heart rate but unless the watch is configured to measure HR frequently it would be misleading.

I mean even if it’s just to check trends throughout the day, mine is set to measure every ten kintues when I’m not moving