What Mum's want

So I made this one for a bit fun, and Mum (my biggest fan) says

“I love it. It’s a shame the sky isn’t pink”

TADA!!! I was so impressed with myself. then she says “It’s a bit hard to read”

Fixed. How’s that mum? “I like how the lights come on but can you make them a pinkish orange? I have an aversion to yellow…”

SURE… :expressionless:

Gotta love 'em.


Very clean designs! Well done!

Thank you! I am really appreciating your input. After the copious amounts of watch faces, I thought the whole creator thing was the best, but I am coming to realise that you staff and your active involvement is what really drives this beast. Well done Facer, love your work!

Your mum gave you great color palette feedback. I like the pink version better! :thumbsup: