What will happen to Facer when Samsung switches from Tizen to WearOS?

I used Facer to develop my watchface for my Samsung Galaxy 46mm. I found Facer far easier to work with than the Samsun Galaxy Watch Designer. But I just read this over on the Galaxy Watch forum:

As @AndyX and @matze_styles4you already mentioned, it’s getting clearer by the minute that Samsung watches are going to use Wear OS. Heavy discounts for the current Tizen watches and new reports point to a release already in Q2 2021.
Consequently, I say we can immediately stop working on our Tizen apps & watch faces and close down here.

Does this mean Facer will not work for the new Galaxy watches? Will it continue to work for the Tizen based watches? Is there any real news about what Facer will do with Facer Designer?

Facer works with Wear OS. It even comes standard in Fossil Wear OS watches. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Well that is good news indeed. I will had no idea that was the case. Thanks for enlightening me.