What would you change about your watch creation process?

I know for me, there are things that when you have a certain level of competency, you wonder why things are done a certain way.
Is there something you would like to change about either your watch creation on Facer or is it a limitation on your watch?

What would you like to do, but can’t quite seem to accomplish because the software or the hardware doesn’t allow it? OR…
Is there something you are really happy with and it makes your life simpler because it is set up well?

Wide open question! But one limitation that I consider my watch face making nemesis is that almost all the hardware either has a stupid looking black ring of unused screen between the case and functional display, or there are permanent markings (numbers and or tick marks) on the case. The original now 6 or 7 year old Huawei Watch is still the only one to provide a simple stainless steel blank canvas of a case. Almost every face is undermined by either existing numbers on say the GW series or Tic Watch pro, or the black ring on every fossil group watch.


The biggest issue I keep running into is the limitations Facer has, having been spoiled after years of programming in various languages. Very often I could have used variables, additional functions, and a more streamlined conditional structure like the good old “if/then/elseif/endif” of many languages.

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Being from a programming background, I have often struggled with lack of variable control. The conditionals certainly took some getting used to. syntax, just have to love it!

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This, I finally understand!

So Facer has limitations… and isn’t set up like a programming language.
That may be due to what they could allow for.
Since Facer is set up for several watchfaces, like Windows is for many different configurations of hardware, they may have had difficulty allowing for all of them.

If you were programming for Facer, would you be able to allow for the different configurations of watches?

(I assume you use Linux?)

I would really like to test more of the faces on my watch, especially to finaly understand and be able to tune the wrist movement expressions (which cant be previewed), but the facer app eats the battery like crazy, so I avoid using it.


Not a creator but like @petruuccios
I’d love to test more faces

Between the battery eating and well, the HR and steps constantly being turned back on with every face that utilizes them, it’s quite annoying

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Nope, I don’t use Linux!

I’m thinking there has to be some limit on how many different hardware configurations are allowed, before it becomes unmanageable and gets out of hand. But (putting aside the Tizen/WearOS difference) it seems that hardware made to the same baseline standards that runs the same OS should be compatible – theoretically.

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I dual boot Linux/Windows

I hate to say it, but it is easier for me to get Linux to behave than Windows. LOL


(found it just now on a Facebook IT page)


Oh noes! :flushed: