What3words on watchface

I am no face designer, but one of the reasons for buying the watch3 was seeing it will accept what3words locations, but i have yet to find a watchface that includes this and have only seen 1 face that has even gps cords on it .

Can anyone help with regard to what3words

I don’t believe Facer supports that functionality yet. @Facer_Official would be the one to ask about What3Words.

Hi there!

We don’t support what3words but we’ve been curious about it before. Could you share a use case in which you would find it useful on a watch face?

I havent really thought about a face as such since i feel the 3 words could probably be intergrated into quite a few faces without making them look strange

It would be handy at a large event, you could look at your watch and let friends know where you are to within 3m … but then I suppose you could just use it on your phone? LOL