What's considered copyrighted material

I really like the “Frontier” face that came with my new Gear S3 - the layout, the components, etc. I just don’t like the data they chose to represent. So I pulled the individual pieces out and rebuilt my own version using Facer Creator (Gear Watchface Designer just isn’t ready for primetime yet…) But, my question is this: Since these components weren’t created by me, is it kosher to publish this face to Facer? Or are those designs owned and copyrighted by Samsung?


Hey Lane - I’m not the expert here but I think you are asking the knock-off question. Think about all of the knock-off products you can buy - off course watches, jeans, jackets, shoes, even TV’s, laptops, and other consumer products. While they are not breaching copyright law, they are pretty darn close. So there is something about their design that is just ever so subtly different from the real thing. I would say if you want to “replicate” a face design just change or add a few minor design features to make it your own. Sure, it looks “something like” the original or yours was “inspired by” the original but it’s really your own brew. As for images, if you really need an element (like a watch hand set) check availability at some of the royalty free sites like istockphoto or shutterstock. If you want to upload a custom font, do some window shopping at dafont.com first to see what you can pickup that’s free in the public domain. So just like a rock and rock cover band (which I did for 30 years) there’s nothing wrong with changing just a little to make it your own. This is just my 2 cents. -John

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Any imagery or design features used within the creative process (sometimes even specific colours etc) used without the express permission of the creator(s) is deemed as a breach of international copyright laws. ESPECIALLY if appropriated for monetary gain.
This does not mean you can copy something and give it away for free either. Anything that has been created or designed, remains the copyright of the creator. Photographs and images too. Even if found on a Google search!

Even though the chances of being sued by the copyright owners is fairly low, it DOES happen ALL the time. There’s just so many copying things out there, not everyone gets caught. However, the ones that do get caught have to pay extortionate fines - life ruining sums in the thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars! Sometimes millions depending on the scale of things!

The best way to avoid being sued by the copyright owners is to create everything for yourself.

It is a question of degrees and what is deemed acceptable by facer I guess. I find it incredible that there are blatant Tag, rolex, Omega and other brand name faces on facer. LIke John said, less obvious faces may get away with avoiding copyright, but using images sourced onlined means you run the risk of them being watermarked and their creator tracking you down. If the creator is part of a large, lawyered up corporate they will probably threaten legal action… At the end of the day it is easier to create your own images.

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I give this topic more thought each time the question comes up. I wish there were better guidelines for the free faces. Some members spend hours on faces while others simply download an image of a clock face and stick hands on it. If you look carefully, these may still have watermarks on them from Dreamstime, Shutterstock, etc… We can’t promote the site as having unique faces when this happens. If a face is not original, at least use an image that is not copyrighted or watermarked.

I agree. A lot of watches are using a background picture. Some Rolex, Breitling… Ok for a reproduction but hand made created.

I reckon machine learning and AI may be the only realistic option for screening for copyright infringing faces given the huge volume of faces being submitted…

Yes, Pat, that would be quite a project. I was thinking mostly of the honor system rather than an automated feature to screen images. Wouldn’t it be nice if people could be trusted to follow the rules? If a brand name, copyright, or watermark is on an image when someone downloads it that’s easy to spot.

this is true… its a big issue

I’ve been noticing images used by new members.
Surely they have agreed to this when they publish:
“No copyrighted content - you fully own the rights to the imagery used in this design”

Does that not apply to cartoon characters and commercial product images?

It always applies to everything. The issue is, for it to be removed a takedown notice has to be submitted by the owner to Facer.

.[quote=“eradicator09, post:11, topic:2266, full:true”]
It always applies to everything. The issue is, for it to be removed a takedown notice has to be submitted by the owner to Facer.
[/quote]That’s not what the agreement states.

Whatever happened to ethics? I find it disappointing and hard to believe that some people are so naïve that they are taking copyrighted images and posting them as their own designs. :worried:

FYI - we suspended a few designers these past few weeks after they received repeated infringement notices from brands and continued with the same behavior.


This is FACER!!!

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Where do you come up with this stuff man? Lol hilarious :joy:


Hey all, sorry to dig up this Topic again, but I just started getting into Facer Creator (yay) and I do have a question on copyright, which i thought would be better asked here than starting a completely new thread.

So basically, if I were to use images from a specific IP, but I put a disclaimer in my description, would that be enough? I can’t think of any other way to try and state that you mean no harm and are just doing this out of love for the IP. (For ex. im talking all those fan-made ones for like DBZ, Star Wars, anime, cartoons, movies, etc.)