When i add large hand images (2000+ px) it shrinks them to 320px size

Hello there,

I want to create a watch face that i must insert a large image as hands, but it shrinks them to the size of 320x320px, when i resite them as the size i want, it gets heavily pixelated…

Is there a workaround?


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Facer creator displays co-ordinates with reference to a 320x320px square. However, I would have thought that the final resolution would be determined by the target watch ( some of which have higher resolution than 320x320 ).

In any case, all current watches have resolution way less than 2000px so your images will have to be reduced at some point.

In my case, all of my watch images start with quite high resolution ( ie. > 2000x2000px ). Instead of relying on the in-built decimator/reduction filter, I reduce all my images myself in a graphics program where I can control the parameters and check the result. I then upload my images into Facer creator at no higher than 640x640px ( I seem to remember that that is the recommended resolution (?) ).


With regard to your hands; are you saying that you increase their dimmensions after loading them? If so then instead, you can remove some of the white space around the hands before you upload them (ie. crop the images to make the hands a larger proportion of the image). This will make them “larger” when you upload them so you won’t need to stretch them after uploading. I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Hello mike,

Thank you for the reply, i will attach an image from a watch face that i created in Galaxy Designer and show you what i mean.

I wanted to try something similar in Facer, but i have the issue with the pixelated numbers.

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Mmm, not sure what I’m seeing …

Does the circle represent the face and the red numbers a very large image ( way bigger than the face ) that you “rotate into view”?

Yes, the circle represents the face, the numbers rotate into view, i don’t see any other option to simulate 3 rotating number plates that show hours, minutes and seconds.

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Ok. I’m sorry but I can’t help with using images larger than the face - it is outside my experience; hopefully someone else will chime in with some thoughts.

There is a different approach though that might achieve the same goal but it is not as straight forward. The thread below discusses using multiple elements to simulate a vertical scrolling list of numbers. A list that if contained in a single image would be large like yours. Perhaps this example could be adapted to rotating instead of scrolling numbers …

How can I make time scroll vertically?

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Usable stretch is about 500px. This is not yet very pronounced. Then it is visible.

Or you can use a linear shift and split the scale.

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Thank you guys for the tips, they were very usefull. :smiley:

Will publish when i make something :smiley:

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If it’s resizing things, check your DPI as well.