Where are the bundles I already bought?

I already bought two bundles of watchfaces. Where do I find them now? Isn’t there a list or something where I can find and choose the different watchfaces?
Thank you

Same question from me.

On the Android App version I am using you can find that under the "“Watchbox” tab (the heart at the bottom of the screen).
Once then, towards the top there are two pages: “Favorites” and “Purchases”.
If it’s not there, check the version as I believe this was added fairly recently.

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Hi there,

thank you for the replies! :grinning:
I found them. The problem was in the Android App, because it didn’t open the purchased page.
Don’t know why, but now it works.

Now I have another question: I’ve bought 2 bundles of designer watchfaces; one with 50 faces
and the second with 70 faces. Together they are 120 watchfaces.
On the purchased page I can only find 100 watchfaces… Where are the other 20 faces??

Thanks again for your great help,

Greetings! :grinning:

That I have no ideas… I’m only a user. Just like you :smile:
Good luck though!

Hi there! this should be fixed in the latest version of Facer Android in Google Play. We had a bug that only showed a maximum of 100 purchases in that tab. Sorry about that!