Where did my watch face go?

My watch face has disappeared! I built a watch face using the browser version of Facer creator. As I was building, I synced with my watch several times to check function and looks. The watch face was stored, as it should be, in my Drafts section. I made some last minute adjustments, sent to my watch one last time, then I published it. All went normally untill I went to “My collection” and the watchface was nowhere to be found! Not in my drafts or in published designs, just gone! Any thoughts? What could have happened? Are my hours of work truly lost? I would appreciate any help on this issue.
I named the face “Omega Factor”. If this is the issue, then please give me back my hours of work so I can change the name! All that time and effort lost with no chance for correction! This is ridiculous!

Hi @rmcewen63

I have not had that issue yet. Perhaps you can send your issue to facer-support@little-labs.com

Thanks bud. I’ll give it a try.

I’ve had issues with names in watches by accident. Facer has certain watch company names on a list to automatically delete when published. Omega, Fossil, Oyster, and Rolex will get deleted immediately on publishing. You should have gotten an email at the address you signed up with informing you of their action. As @ThaMattie suggested email them at the address in his post and see what happens.