Where did you get your inspiration?

Inspiration can come from anywhere and at anytime. Do you have a face that wouldn’t have been possible without an interesting or random inspiration? Here’s one of mine.

The idea came to me while I was washing dishes. This one to be exact.

My LED style faces wouldn’t have ever existed if it wasn’t for this steamer/strainer.

What’s one of your stories?



Oh yeah, I saw this. That’s a good one. Haha

My latest FlightSchool series is based off of cockpit flight gauges:

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Scott McCloud’s UNDERSTANDING COMICS, specifically these pages:

It’s challenging to reinvent designs for other purposes, and I thought it’d be a fun thing to do and maybe someone sees something in their everyday world and is reminded of those watchfaces.

This week’s weather:

You have rain? We wish to have … We have the warmest, dryest summer ever in Germany. Its more like spain or italy here, a mediterranian climate. Today, our highest temperature was 37 degrees Celsius - 98,6 Fahrenheit.

Would love rain. 113°F Here today only about 15% humidity.

I know how you feel about rain. Recently one summer we had the longest drought in history of our state I think. Each summer lately half of our state ends up on fire. It’s bad, walk outside and there’s more smoke than air.

[quote=“phantasico, post:7, topic:26209, full:true”]
You have rain? We wish to have … We have the warmest, dryest summer ever in Germany. [/quote]
Yes - flash floods and power outages (Thank Goodness for my ThinkPad Stack Power Bank). Pennsylvania has been hit worse than we have. Amusement parks there are being closed and disassembled in order to preserve rides such as those using handcarved animals. I have a graphic showing predicted flood stages, but I don’t want to take this discussion too much off topic.
Here’s another face to get back on track:

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I just created this watch face and was inspired by a old style of scale and vents.