Where do I find purchased faces in App?

Hello, just downloaded this app today and purchased the starter pack. After purchasing I do not see anywhere in the app that shows me the faces I purchased. Also do not see the faces in android wear app.

Some of the faces that were in the app that I stumble upon when browsing say “owned” but shouldn’t there be a tab or menu where I see only my purchased our selected faces?

Thanks for support
Philip K

Hi there!

Can you go into your Watchbox (bottom navigation bar, section with the heart icon), and then go into the “Purchased” tab? You should see your faces there. You can also “heart” a collection to have it show up in the Collections tab of your watchbox.

Found it, perfect thanks!

i have a Michael Kors access Bradshaw smartwatch and i use with my iphone , i cant see how to get any of the watch faces onto my watch?

I have android wear installed on my iphone but there is nowhere that shows any of the watch faces from on here

can you please help as the ones i like it say get it on android facer and I dont have android, the ios app wants to sync up to an apple watch, again which I do not have… PLEASE help