Where is my refund!

Where is my refund?? I was charged for facer premium, yet I did not authorize the charge. I had sent an email to facer support and had received a response. Once I submitted proof of transaction, I stopped hearing back. This is unacceptable as it has been near a work week since I’ve submitted the info and have heard nothing. This is bad news for facer. I suggest a refund is processed post haste! I have submitted, several times, any and all documentation needed as proof of transaction in order for facer to process a refund. I better hear back immediately about this and it better be that my refund has already hit my acct.
There is no reason I have not heard back unless facer doesn’t intend to give me a refund for charges I did not authorize. I am not a person that facer wants to go up against. Process the refund immediately and make sure the money hits my acct immediately. This is no longer a request!

When you sign up for Premium or Pro it is in the fine print that it automatically renews, and you are charged. To prevent this, you must cancel your subscription before the renew date. My renew date for my Pro subscription is 20 May 2023 and I will be charged unless I cancel my subscription on 19 May 2023. If you cancel your subscription now, you will get a refund for all the unused amount. That fine print will jump up and bite you in the butt every time.

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I had previously cancelled my subscription, so I shouldn’t have been charged.

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