Where is the documentation on tags and conditionals?

I signed up for Facer Creator Pro yesterday and have already managed to create a very satisfactory face for my new Samsung Watch 4. This meets my basic needs, but it has become obvious that more sophisticated designs require a knowledge of programming tools, such as tags, conditionals and variables.

However, I have failed to find any relevant documentation. All the links I have seen in the forum just take me to the https://help.facer.io/hc/en-us page, which I have not found very helpful, or take to me to pages that tell me I am not permitted to view the information.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Hi, welcom @david.anderson
You can start from the facer CREATOR help page: https://help.facercreator.io/hc/en-us

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Welcome David, for TAG help you could look HERE

Thanks Mattie, for that rapid and useful response. Your link took me to https://help.facercreator.io/hc/en-us/articles/4412565593755-Tags, which provides much of what I was seeking.

However, one problem still persists. The above-mentioned page contains a link to a Stopwatch page, which contains the link https://help.facer.io/hc/en-us/articles/360015245334-Interactive-Variables-Layers. Selecting that link generates the response “You’re not authorized to access this page”. I’ve seen this several times since starting my exploration of the Facer website yesterday.

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@ThaMattie explained that to me earlier @david.anderson
Apparently that suggests the page in question has been moved from facer.io to facercreator.io. All I can suggest is to try a new search for whatever was there sorry.
He helped me find a page I had previously bookmarked, which is all about TAGs if you want to have a look HERE

The menu on the left seems to have the correct links: