Where to go from here

Hey guys, I’m a little lost on what needs to be done next, so I’m reaching out for advice.

I’d like to become a ‘Design Partner’. I think I’ve met most if not all of the suggestions regarding such matters.

Since May, '20, I’m close to 130K syncs, 4.2k followers, and my work is seen frequently in the top 100 free faces. Loads of diverse faces with over 3k sync in a month, etc. You might even me by the brand MACH-1. If you have, you’ll know I have a wide repertoire of design styles, from realistic ‘aviators’ to ‘digital only’, some that stood #1 free for a month +,and I’ve the ‘MacGilchrist’ collection.

I’ve reached out to Ariel several times, but without success. I’ve seen peers get to CP status - which I applaud - but still, I’m left frustrated.

Maybe my designs aren’t good enough, perhaps my lack of community involvement, maybe a limited premium faces presents a problem, though I have this all planned out…

I’m not sure how to proceed. Any advice from the ‘Pros’ would be well received. I’m not complaining, just asking what I need to do / prove so I can move to the next level and make popular designs even better, should the reward be there!

Rich. AKA: MACH-1

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