Where's my Premium status

A couple months ago or so I paid for a year of Premium using a discount that was offered (33% off I believe) and now my status doesn’t show Premium. What gives??

Contact Facer Support and let them know your issue. They do not monitor this forum. You can send them a help request at: https://help.facer.io/hc/en-us/requests/new .


An update was released yesterday, that problem was mentioned as solved.

Update Facer app on phone and watch and see if it’s been solved for real.


Was it a Google update or a Facer update?

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Google app store for Facer app “What’s new” section states:

  • Optimized battery usage on WearOS for “basic” watch faces
  • Fixed issue where purchases like Facer+ might be missing until an app restart
  • Misc fixes and optimizations

On my phone the Facer app was last updated on 16th April.

Check the Google store for any outstanding updates. Apply updates and if issue still happening, reboot phone and watch.


I don’t know how to answer that, it was an update of Facer app released through Google Play Store.


As @jason.clarke.uk said the App updated 16th April 24 on my Phone . I missed exactly when the but there was a significant Companion App updated recently . My watch was quite glitchy Yesterday . I usually do a 2 button reboot when I detect a Companion App update . I say Significant , as they seem to be when the Revision number is updated out of order .
The dates I have on my list are when I have a look not exactly the release date . Sorry .


Thank you for the information. I am on the computer almost 24/7 so I rarely use the phone app except to tether my watch.

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So, I appear to have the next to top one in your list, but a visit to the play store does not offer any update. I activated Facer+ years ago. Most of the time it shows as NOT activated. And syncing with my galaxy 4 lately has been a nightmare. Oy!

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Yes . I have a Ticket raised with Facer about Intermittent Facer Plus . You are the first that has Flagged it here . So I am glad it is not just Me . I don’t know if it makes any difference but I normally Run the Beta Version of Creator . I am not sure if we get the updates first . I don’t think all regions on the Planet get the Update at the same time .
The play store will not show an update for Face App on your Phone . It may well be delivered by them these days but it defiantly comes from Facer . If I want to check and see if I have the latest I uninstall both the Facer app on the phone and the Companion App on my watch . Remember you may need your Login details to reinstall it all and you will lose the faces on your watch but they will be in your Watchbox . Make a note of which ones you are using . They may be low down on your favourites list .

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