White watch faces for Apple Watch

Sorry, very new here… :man_shrugging:

How do you go about creating a white watch face in Facer.io? I can only see the black background in the editor. I know you can select it once you upload it to your watch but I want to default to white.

Also, is there a way to select color customization within the Facer.io app so I can upload colored tick marks to facer.io community page? I know I can set up as color themes, but the tick marks always remain white.

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@brian . I think If you are a proud owner of an Apple watch you have a way to send Apple Designs to Facer . I think you have to be signed up to Pro for that . Looking through the Top 100 Apple watches I see some white faces and designs that do not confirm to the " Facer Templates " . Hope fully one of those Designers will join in .

Not quite sure about your Tick mark Question . You want to share some here on the community ? If they are rendered with Highlights and shadows leave them as they are . They should come here in the colour you upload . 2D ticks leave them White or very light grey to post. They can be coloured in Creator.

Come back if this does not help a bit .

@russellcresser Thanks for all the helpful info - much appreciated. It looks like I have Facer Premium and the Creator Pro. Maybe this is the issue?

As for the tick marks… if you see on this screenshot, the tick marks are always white. I can not find a way to change these colors in the Creator Pro or on the apple watch itself. They are always white, no matter what color I make the theme.

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At this stage think what you have there is quite the best you can do. Looks great. As far As I know there is nothing we can do to adjust what is already on the Template we use. If you look through some of the designs in the top 100. You could always ask the designer a question in a comment to them. Apart from that and contacting Little Labs I know nothing more.

This guy seems to be able to colour the ticks.
Try send him a message in comments.