Who here prefers non-interactive watch faces?

I find I’m always inadvertently triggering some element of interactive watch faces, even if it’s just the theme picker.

I strongly prefer non-interactive watch faces. How about you?

Interesting, wish we could do a poll.

I had the same issue.
I liked a red version of a face, and kept changing the color by accident.
I like the approach some people have with a “lock screen” layer

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Yes - I just saw a watch face that had a lock button! That was awesome.
As a secondary option, I would prefer a lock button.

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All my newer watch faces with interaction and customization do have a lock button.

I personally love the possibilities of interactive customizations.

Taste is different…

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My newer faces all have a menu button to show where all the buttons are. When the menu isn’t active neither are the buttons. It’s essentially a lock button but when unlocked you can visibly see the buttons. Most of the time the menu button is in the very center of the face. I think a lot of designers are incorporating this concept into their designs. Having 12 buttons on screen at once isn’t ideal.

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Expressing a desire for a more user-friendly interactive smart watch face is not an unreasonable request. After all, a smart watch should not be a static display.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I feel that the delineation between premium and free being, respectively, interactive features or non-interactive features seems arbitrary by design.

Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack the thread, just had a thought I wanted to convey to the group.

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Why not? Some people just enjoy seeing a nice design with basic information, especially when it comes to women’s watches. Women don’t like to fiddle with their watches as much as men do, and many women don’t care to see stuff flashing and jumping all over the face.

@Linlay, don’t get me wrong. I agree with everything you just said. When I said static I was referring to interactive vs non-interactive. Sorry for the confusion. Still, in my opinion, it defies logic as to why a person would wear a smart device yet not use the smart features. But hey, to each their own.

@ircrotale I did not misunderstand. I know what you meant. Most of my analog faces are non-interactive and a large % of my digital faces are non-interactive. All of my over 600 have done well. As Phantasico mentioned, people have different tastes. It’s like that with most technology, especially when it comes to women. I don’t use half of the features in my phone or my car, but when it comes to computers, that’s a different story with me. I want the best from the top of the line. Other people want a low end model and have no use for anything else.

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True, there is no definition for a specific type of user for any device or appliance. Old dogs like me have to get used to it.

wastes battery life too…

I like interactive watch faces but I see myself using some features less and less. So in my designs I have started using only the essentials for limiting the number of items that trigger apps.

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