Who is GAUSS (Phantasico)?

Hi @ll,

so you want to know who´s that crazy guy behind the Label “GAUSS”?

Ok. Let´s start with the basics:

Username: Phantasico
Label: GAUSS
Gender: Male
Country: Germany
State: Nordrhein-Westfalen
City: Very small Village near Düsseldorf (lived most of my life in Cologne)
Occupation: Technician, Teacher for technical Drafter and Dual Students (Handish Drafting and CAD Constructing)
Age: 53


Thats, what i look like when totally chilled:

And when i am angry:

This way when i am dead:


Oh, i do have a lot of Hobbies. :slight_smile:

Beside watch facing, which is my No. 1 at the moment, i love Fantasy-Roleplaying, Photographing (People, Landscapes, Macros), perform over 15 years medieval Swordfighting (That´s total fun!), drawing pictures and Cartoons, building realtime VR-Worlds …

Some Impressions:

If anyone wants to visit these interactive 3d-worlds check out my website http://www.phantasico.de . You only need to get a free plugin in the download section from http://bitmanagement.com/, a browser (Firefox…) and can access all the worlds on my website. Try - it, it´s fun - and don´t forget to switch the sound on, when you sail and fire the cannons… :slight_smile:


I am married and totally in love with my beautiful and intelligent wife. I have two very nice children (Boy and Girl, aged 14 and 12) from my previous Marriage. You can say, i am a lucky man.


I don´t have a special style or prefered designs. I love realistic looking watch faces as well as funny, well animated, or plain ones.

I´ve been working with CAD (Autocad) since 15 Years now and with Photoshop about 20 years and i would describe me as very skilled.

I choosed the label name “GAUSS” because he is the most famous german physician.

So - thats all for now, folks.

Hope, you enjoyed this bio.


I can tell you that Phantasico is a wonderful human being, a very generous man and one of the greatest watch face designers this world has ever seen. A true gentleman, a Renaissance Man!

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Gauss - Great meeting the man behind the face (haha - found a new pun!)


Very punny :smiley: Nice to get to know a bit about you Gauss.

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WOW what a cool bio!

I have been following GAUSS for years.
And always wondered about the creative
talent behind the highly thought out and
very detailed watch faces! So to me this was

I’ve only recently signed up for the forum part
of the Facer community, mainly to give thanks and to do
research. And in every post I’ve read so far
the man behind “GAUSS” himself has replied
and contributed.
Which has left me very impressed and humbled.

Thanks for all of your hard work and awesome
community contributions.


Thank you very much for your nice words, @hljerdee.

I will keep on the “hard” work and give the world some more highly detailed watch faces… :slight_smile:

I forgot to tell in my bio that i am a real perfectionist - and i really love details!!

Greetings, GAUSS.


Hello, Phantasico! My name Ken and I have been a CAD drafter for almost 20 years. I am a Revit user for about 8 years. I just started making watch faces less than a week ago. Nice to meet you.

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Three cheers for @GAUSS, we are very thankful to have him part of the community!


Nice to meet you as well. You should try out to design your watch faces with CAD, too. It‘s a very nice tool for it!


To much honour. There are such a lot of nice designers in this community and it‘s simply anazing how they all help each other.


I have designed t-shirts in CAD before, but what format would it need to be to use in the Facer Creator? I am just starting out in this and any help would be appreciated. I am really wanting to make some custom numbers.

Well, my output are .png files with transparent areas in 1280x1280…


Happy Birthday, Gauss … may the creativity continue to be with you :wink::tada::clinking_glasses::four_leaf_clover:

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Thank you very much!