Who wants a challenge!

I found a watch the other day messing around on the internet. Never heard of the brand but I love the look of the watch. It looks like it would be very difficult to make something similar to this but I know one of you geniuses can pull it off. Tell me what you think.

i have tried but im not sure how to change all the months just yet cause im new to all this , but this is the face with some hands on and the date gareth - orient watch - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

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Hi, Orient is a Seiko brand, until recent years was a subsidiary totally focused in mechanical watches. Orient mechanical watches are the finest from Japan, great brand! And this model is a beauty, indeed.

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Shut your mouth you damn prick!!! I didn’t challenge anyone to make a fake! I said make one similar. That’s exactly why everyone calls you a troll. You are an ignorant piece of shit who gets on here only to be a total asshole to everyone. For once why don’t you keep your mouth shut.

Thanks for the info. I had never heard of them but they have some very nice looking watches.

I feel fine. I guarantee my education far surpasses your you Trolling fool. And the reason people express theirselves like that to you is because everyone on here is sick and tired of your condescending attitude towards everyone. You can’t mind your own business on anything. You always have to chime in with some hateful remark. For once why don’t your try posting a comment without being a dick!

I like the idea of these “timezone” designs. The only difficult part is with most smartwatch bezels getting in the way. It ends up being bezel inception with the main part of the face getting really small.


I’m no Hawkins but my two masters and PhD in chemical engineering trump you. No amount of education will change the fact that you are rude and inconsiderate to others.

I knew it would be difficult to make something similar to this. I’m not asking anyone to make a FAKE REPLICA of it like some tried to say. Just like thought it would make a neat face when using similar aspects of it.

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And as usual you show your ignorance. You have the mentality of a 12 yr old

For sure. I’m trying to get better at true analogs myself. My recent aviator series was an attempt to design some of these.

Your Aviator series is amazing. I wish I had half your skill at making these faces. So I just get mezmerized by them and buy them all!!

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Aiding and abetting …

Here is a good hi-res take on the watchface. I haven’t attempted to edit/remove hands or dials, as I usually build over the top and them remove the ‘original’.


  • Hour hand is 24-hour

  • Multi-Year Calendar dial (black/red on white: TH, FR, SA, SU, etc.) needs to rotate to show correct weekday/month-day combo. I could provide logic for that.

  • Outer rim / bezel rotates to adjust for world time …

X Position: 160.5
Y Position: 157.5
Width: 362
Height: 358
Rotation: 1.25 (+2.0 for timezone dial)

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I don’t know what it is about it. I just think its a good looking watch. I’d like a smartwatch big enough to be able to display that face as the original size. That would prolly be and expensive watch though.