Why am I paying for a premium subscription mum subscription?!?

It has just been problem after problem. And none of the watch faces look realistic at all. This time the problem is the weather info, actually I don’t think the weather has worked the entire time I’ve had the app . What is the deal?!?

Facer has been trying to fine tune the app for the new WearOS 3 version. One of their updates broke some of the functions on WearOS 2 watches. They have released a new update version 6.0.1 to correct some of the issues. Secondly, when you see an issue with something not working in a watch face you should restart your watch just like an old Windows computer. The restart tends to fix a lot of issues. Next if the weather is still not working check the permissions for Facer on your watch. You “have” to have location turned on in both the watch and phone or weather will not function.

As for realistic watch faces, you need to check out B# and Batwolf watch faces. They are both hyper-realistic looking. BradC also produces some highly detailed faces, but they are more TV weather graphic real in style.


Thank you very much, sorry for being a being a jerk… I actually really do like the App a lot. And I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly I’ll try what you said and let you know how it goes