Why App showing the wrong preview?

Most of the times,Facer app showing wrong preview without stroke effect. I cleaned data on my phone,but it’s the same,and I also checked on my tablet, showing the same,its looks ugly and horrible.How can I fix it?

Hi Margo811,
I don’t think you are getting a “wrong” preview. I’ve noticed that stroke and glow effects look best on non-decorative fonts. Try using Creator’s fonts and see if you still have a problem.

Has your problem with fonts been resolved, or do you still need help?

On the website and on the watch showing right face,only in app showing wrong.So I can’t fix it,it’s about support and not only me have this problems,so many topics about this situation (


You are right. I have the problem too. I create my face, publish it, then edit some texture and update, like X - Y position, but on app still show the old face (preedit), although website show the latest face (postedit)