Why cant I see all my designs on my facer.io app?

I havew created some designs on the facer creator (web). But I noticed I don’t see them on the facer app? Is there a reason? I only see my Apple faces (because I have one), but my Android faces I don’t see in the app.

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Hi @fransjo.leihitu Welcome to the Facer Community.

So on the Site that I access via my Laptop I can chose Which OS type of watches I want to View.

If I select Apple I see Three of your designs.
Wear OS i See One
If I select Skip I see 4

It is different on the Mobile apps so I have not got the answer for that one at the moment.

I only guess, but I think the mobile app filters the faces by watch that you have paired with it.


Yes, the App only displays the Faces that are available for the Watch you have connected with it. I have a Samsung Watch, so in the App I don’t see any Apple Faces that I created.

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Still strange … I mean … I created on my account. I should at least be able to see all my designs (also for sharing it) from my phone.