Why can't I see my whole "feed" anymore?

Okay…I noticed just a couple of days ago, that now at the top of the home page where my feed from my favorite watch face designers shows up, I can only see a few. I used to be able to click on “more” and see what I missed.

Why the sudden change? If I don’t check this all the time now I might miss a face I’d like to buy.

How many is a few? Im seeing about 3 or 4 dozen on mine.


I see 9 with a down pointing arrow at the bottom to show them all

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Are you on a PC, or an Apple phone? I’m on an Android phone and it used to have a right facing arrow where I could see more, and other categories have that but in the latest revamp of the app it doesn’t show that for me anymore.

[quote=“thomasfmal, post:2, topic:82752”]
How many is a few? Im seeing about 3 or 4 dozen on mine.
[/quote]I only see the latest 10 from the designers I follow, with no arrow or other option to see any more like I used to have before the latest app revamp.

The Creator doesn’t work well on Phones, it’s always best to use it on a PC or Laptop.

My facer app on my “android phone” just updated last night. Now I see what you’re seeing, just a handfull of faces and no way to expand. That’s the problem.

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Facer may be doing maintenance and updates to the app. I’m sure the issue will be fixed as soon as they are able to.