Why have a "Vintage" or a "Retro" watch when you could have bot

VU Vintage - Retro

Why have either a “Vintage” or a “Retro” watch when you could have both, think of Steam Punk meets the 80’s


I like it.

Nice, not my cup of tea, but the VU needs to bump… I’ve never seen a smooth one…

@richard2 any suggestions for the coding/tags to simulate that?

I tried something like that. you can play around. Then, I’m not sure the function rand() works on every watch …
((rand(-10, 25))*sin(#DWFSS#))


Nice one JH! Was going to suggest a complicated method with multiple layers with different values and switching on and off opacity. Brilliant.

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Many thanks Jh I will drop that in and update my Face

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thanks a lot @richard2 !!!
My pleasure @the.wayne.walton, glad you like and use it !

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Looking good.

Facer! Walton - VU Vintage - Retro - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

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