Why is facer in IOS so different?

I wonder, why the IOS-Version of the Facer App is so different compared to the Browser- and the Android-Version?

Any suggestions?


Phantasico aka GAUSS

Yes, It is…different. I switched from my android to IOS recently and in all honesty I stopped using the facer app on IOS, even stopped syncing watch faces due to the “issues”. But it wont stop me from creating faces…work will, when it gets busy, but yes I would like to see the facer app have the exact same capabilities cross platform.

The biggest problem with the IOS-paired watches is the inability to link the Facer for IOS app to your account and therefore not purchase premium paid faces. Minor issues such as IOS not sharing phone battery data is not a big deal to me. I’m more interested in the watch battery.
I’m curious as to the issues that you consider the most problematic. I have four watch-phone combinations (Tizen-Android, Tizen-IOS, WearOS-Android and WearOS-IOS) and enjoy the Facer faces on all four. And yes… I have an Apple Watch that lives in a drawer.

I’ve requested Facer to comment on the ability to add account/purchase features to the IOS app. Hopefully, that will be available in the future.

I’ve developed Tizen faces in Samsung Gear Designer as well as their Studio. This enables touch-interactive designs that work well on the IOS-paired faces. The new Facer interactive feature should close that gap.

My favorite watch is an iOS-paired Gear S3 and aside from the lack of premium face availability I don’t see any difference from my Android-paired watches. In fact, my Facer for IOS faces provides better access to multiple complications than the native Tizen faces.