Why is Facer trying to charge me?

Facer keeps trying to charge me $39.99 for what? I keep emailing to stop but they keep trying to charge me

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Did you ever subscribe to anthing on Facer . It is very difficult to get out of the clutches of thier Accountants .

Just read the damn rules… it is so clear.

You’ve signed for auto.renews. You can cancel anytime.

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I did cancel and I know the damn rules, jerk. No I’m not on auto renew. And yes I already cancelled.

@SilverBullet . There is noting that can be done for you here . You have to Contact Little Labs Directly that is where the accounts Department is .

Thanks. I’ve done that 3 times.

May be Invoking @Facer_Official here might help . You say they try to Charge you but possibly you managed to block that some how ?
It is sad that Facer have not responded to your Email . You have to keep blocking it the way you are . Sorry we can be no more helpful here .

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Thanks. Yes they can’t charge me because the have an old card number I had to cancel because it was compromised.


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