Why most of watch face no interaction?

Facer is the best one I use the watch face app, I tried the watchmaker before, but still feel Facer is better, I know Facer can support the interaction now, but I just don’t know why there is a few (actually I can’t find in the free ) watch faces can be interactive(clickable), I think the watchmaker is very well in this case, but their weather and other data are not correct in my watch and there is no one support that :frowning: that’s why I feel Facer is better, the support is also very important!

by the way, I use the iPhone + Galaxy watch !


Welcome @winsonet. Interactions are unfortunately limited to premium designers currently and most of their watch faces that have interactions are usually paid. I do agree though. I have tried watchmaker in the past and didn’t care for it. Not enough customization and data isn’t as great.

Oh, I see, this is a premium function ar~~~


Hello @winsonet, @Orion is correct about the interactivity however if you subscribe to facer premium then you get access to every face on Facer, free or paid.


I see, thanks!

Thanks for pointing that out @Orakix! Almost forgot about that.


Well the throuth is that if we premium should like to insert “tnteractions” the watchface automatically goes to have a price: we can choose to build free faces only for no-interactions and no-themes faces… sorry

Thanks @dario.marnoni. Wasn’t sure if it was required to be paid for as soon as it has interactions or not.

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