Why must I have to reboot watch for new Downloads to appear

New to the app so if this is common I apologize for duplicate post but I have an android wear fossil q gen 1 watch and using an iPhone for the Facer app. When i send face to watch the phone app shows it going to watch and th me watch says loading but it does this for like 5 minutes. I then restart watch and then the watch face appears but I get no confirmation that the face was installed. Is this normal?

No this isn’t normal, I’ve never used that watch or an iPhone but that’s not how it’s supposed to work. It may be a common glitch for that watch and or phone but @Facer_Official should help you with it soon. Their pretty good at fixing problems in a timely manner.

Hi @ralphtrentacosta! Bluetooth syncing on iPhone to Android Wear watches can be very slow. Does the Fossil Q have wifi support? If yes, have you tried enabling it?

HI, Yes wifi is supported and enabled on the watch. Do I need to do anything special to utilize that option instead?

Can you try to temporarily disable bluetooth on the watch and see if syncing is faster after that? (that will ensure the transfer goes through wifi)

Looks like wifi works better. Any idea why I guess i need to disable blue tooth all the time with Facer? If that is a common issue could you make an option in your app to not send over bluetooth? Just a suggestion? Also, none the faces that show my steps actually show the steps, the number is aways 0, yet the android wear shows my step counter. Any ideas on that?