Why no downloads after membeship

Before I payd monthly people downloaded my watch skins. After the first payment til now not one single download .it’s to much a coincidence that not one person liked one of my skins or even downloaded one .I am very disappointed

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I’m sure it’s completely unrelated the paid account. But until you build up your follower count, the only way people will likely see your faces is when you publish a new one and it is seen in the “fresh faces” section, or if you either get featured in the app or simply have a popular design that climbs up the Top100 ladder with a lot of syncs. Sharing them here in the forums (design showcase section) is another way to allow people to find your designs.


As a non Pro user I only sync Free Faces. I cannot sync Premium faces as I do not pay for that either. I think you may like to build your Following by offering more than Two Free Faces. All the best keep Facing.

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Welcome to the community.

It takes time. Your watch face portfollio axxel - watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer. currently has 10 faces and 3 people following your work. Keep designing and people will start following you…

Side note - promote your work. Post your watches in this community. You can also promote your designs on Instagram or Facebook.

Keep us updated :watch: :watch: :watch:


Hey Axxelfox, welcome to the club!

Your disappointment is something that’s been shared by many, including a range of excellent designers - - some of whom - have become admired members of Facer.io’s repertoire of partner designers - so don’t give up hope!

The trouble is that over the last 18 months, the website and app seem to have slowly reduced the number of ‘free’ hot spots - opportunities for visitors to see faces that don’t require membership or purchase. This may be because of cost pressures. So, being ‘featured’ as a non-creative-partner, or with a watchface that doesn’t require facer premium, has reduced from about 12 OTS to 2-3 on the website and app homepage. So - as already mentioned - the only chance you have of a face being seen and then downloaded is if it is seen in the ‘latest’ section.

This is compounded by ‘top 100’ web, or ‘Top 50’ mobile…, the position of which is dictated by your visibility - and downloads…, so again, your only chance to be seen (and downloaded) is a fleeting moment in ‘recent’.

Followers do matter, but this an accumulative number and is deceptive over time.

So, what to do? Keep up the good work, come up with fresh, compelling ideas and designs, and you never know… I understand that the team at Facer.io are understanding and receptive, so maybe they’ll provide new designers the same opportunities seen a year ago. Let’s hope.

Cheers. Rich (MACH-1)


I find free faces are considerably more popular than premium ones. That’s probably obvious, but the ratio in favour of free is massive.

Design for yourself. Trying to do anything else is just a stab in the dark. Your followers will grow, and getting featured and charting both help, but they don’t necessarily create a huge wave on their own. I’ve seen so many discrepancies, that don’t make sense on here. I’m not saying there’s something fishy going on, but what just that there are so many coincidences that need to happen to get a large sync count, that there’s not a way to predict it. It’s certainly not based on design decisions or quality of your output. I suspect there are ways of cheating the system based on some of the stuff that charts, but just doing it for yourself will keep you sane.


simply because the premium members are the 5% of the all facer users, so generally if you got 1000 syncs of a free face you will have about 20/30 syncs of a same premium version


You’ve given me an idea though. I’m going to make a collection of faces of mine that have been sync’d less than five times. I think I’ll call it Cinco Sync. I have 11 faces in this category, including some that I was really proud of. :smiley:

update: and it’s done. Check out my Cinco Sync collection to see which ones have been my most unpopular faces ever.


Looking for that. Might join in the gag if I knew how to make a collection. Is that just for premium and Pro. I usually take them down if there is no interest. I bet if you sent them out again you would see a different result. On watch I did I thought was going to make my fortune got 3 Syncs. I have taken it down I think. But might send it out again just to see if it is still ignored.


To start a collection, view a face and then click the + sign in the left side… that’ll start the ball rolling. Once you have made the collection, you can add other faces to it.



Oh cool. So I can put my own favourite Favourites in there. I have so many now I struggle to find ones I want to wear again. I have only a few Sub5 I have been taking them down to keep a low number of published watches. Thanks so much Rich. I like all those in your Sub 5. I think it is a shame that the one with the Syncro AOD is in there. Perhaps you could do a Night Watch and have the Syncro Hands show up SR SS. I never use AOD. I wonder how many do. Thanks again.