Why not a wallpaper section?

$15 a year isn’t a big deal, but I did expect more useful watch faces being developed. Doesn’t it seem like there should simply be a wallpaper section? All I ever see in the “explore” section on a daily basis are faces uploaded with a simple wallpaper background. Can’t these be put in a special section since they are technically not watch faces? For the Apple Watch Ultra you have to sift through tons of these to actually get to watch faces with useful complications. Those are true watch faces. It would be nice to be able to not see so many simple wallpaper submissions that should just be downloadable pics you can simply add to your own faces through your photos. Am I off base here? Thanks.


Welcome @bta2003 . You are not wrong . When you have had a look through the Fresh faces You will see some make a thing of Publishing a Dozen of those a day . Oh Well it is Restriction Free . When you have built up a list of those you follow you no longer have to Trawl through the Fresh Faces .You will be notified when they Publish something new.
I personally think a good way of finding stuff you like is to See which makers your Favourites Follow on a Phone or tablet . Like life itself you have to do a bit of digging to find the real treasures . Enjoy.


A wallpaper section would be a good idea. Although, the categories are not mandatory so it would not stop someone from publishing their picture based faces in one of the others. Good Idea though.

You can avoid most of the free image based images if you look at the promoted categories on the main page of the App ( in particular the New & Hot category, press the more widget to see them all ), although these are mostly not free, and as @russellcresser said, if you find the designers you like and follow them, then their faces only will appear in the expandable personal feed right at the top of the App ( just tap on the More widget to see the whole list ). And of course you can go to the “home” page of the designers you like by tapping on their name.

Oh, and if you tap on the trending tab in the explore section ( instead of newest ) then there are not many image based faces there.

I hope that helps.


It’s very hard to say what is the “real” watchface.
Every one of us will say something different.

To my surprise more people will choose a simple watchface with a cute picture of a cat in the background.

Sometimes I take a look what a (female) coworker of mine is wearing, she always chooses a simple and cute watchface in the color that matches her outfit.
For her the “Wallpaper” watchface is better watchface… and who am I to say that she is wrong?


Most Smart watches are set up so you can easily put any pictue you want on your watch without much effort. I suppose it is easier to browse Facer than look for a suitable picture elsewhere.


People often like simple and free :grin:

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True, we cannot define what is a good watchface, the market should be left open for everybody to be creative. That’s important. But I think it is equal necessary that the customer is able to define what he/she is looking for within F and receive the selection that corresponds at its best to the needs, in a easy efficient way. I feel, F should be able to improve on that. Perhaps an inquiry would subscribe this argument.

The category new applies to each watch, but the time window is very short and is no good filter argument on itself.
So choosing New is not efficient to filter on watches with several/nice complications, especially when you add free as extra argument. Free as face and/or free as face maker. It shouldn’t be impossible to make that selection using different arguments simultaneously, though. Why not have a category/tag complicated, added by the system based on the use of advanced expressions, elements. In addition, is it really impossible to be able to select face makers that offers free faces. For example Brands. One can only scroll, that can be better.

There is a predefined section in the creator page - which is interesting to learn - but once again, no possibility to choose free faces/face makers. Scrolling can be really tiresome.

Of course once you found the golden face makers after scrolling a lot, then you are on your way, by following them. But some are hard to find…

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That would be nice, I agree.