Wifi bars showing to 10 decimal places on Gear S3

Is anyone else having this issue (see topic title) on all watchfaces that present wifi information? Any fixes? Thanks!

If you are getting decimals, you can always add the “round()” expression to the tag to limit the extra characters.

Example of Round implentation.

This will translate approximately number of steps to kilometers
(*round((#ZSC#)0.7327)/1000) KM

Thanks! :slight_smile: It’s happening wth all of them and only since the last update. How odd…

Just implemented the ‘round()’ tag. Works in the editor but still getting a bunch of decimals in the actual display so seems to be a glitch of some kind.

Now it seems to round off, but the display reads ‘55 bars’ haha

Try syncing another face, then delete the old version out of you recent face bar. Restart your watch. Then resync the new Wi-Fi one. Sometimes I’ve seen an old version persist due to reason.

Done, rounds off now but still says 55 bars lol

Weird, though I never really use that tag in my designs.

Mmm it seems to be happening with all faces that contain that tag, even ones I download from other designers. Not sure if anyone else is having the same issue though