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Wind speed in metric will be km/h

Please. I would like to tell the developers that when they create watch faces, if they use the metric system, the wind speed is given in km/h not in m/s. Thanks

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Hey Welcome @pierre.gilbert007 Thanks for that . My watches have been wrong for two years . No one ever commented . Perhaps that reflects how important They think it is .

Depends where you live - m/s is the SI unit for windspeed and it is also the one recommended by the World Meteorological Organisation. However, due to the controversy around this i have decided to use the Beaufort scale instead!

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Bravo @BIELITZ . I am actually working on a Biel Mean Time face ( Metric ) at the moment . Basically you can have the face showing any unit you like if you know what you are doing with the data that is available . We just need to know what the units are that are sent o Facer. I have not done a test with the wind speed . I will go back and check that one right now . Stand By .

Just done a Quick Check. I am happy that my wind speed is in Meters per Second. Dont like it really but I double it in my head to give me a rough Idea what it is in mph. I am in Cornwall UK I can not believe it is regional.

Just for fun a little Inspectable test . Please do not take me too seriously . I only do this for Fun.

Please do NOT set wind speed in m/s.
Yes, it is official but it’s just like measuring car speed in m/s. Nobody would understand it.
80 km/h speed feels natural.
But if I tell you that your speed is 22.22 m/s, how fast are you driving?? Can you feel it?
I guess not.

here is nice formula for miles/kmh wind:
$#UNITSYS#=IMPERIAL?(round(#WND#)) mph:(round(3.61*#WND#)) kmh$


@masterboyhr . While I can only agree with you . Two things . @pierre.gilbert007 who started this Topic was saying that the Metric wind speed is Kilometres Per Hour not Meters Per Second . I personally have a better feel for m/s as I double it for MPH as mentioned . Perhaps I misread the Topic .

Oh, sorry,I guess I misread.

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No. It is difficult. Some times these messages get garbled by the Translators, Etc. I only have a feel for MPH. We went Metric in this Country in 1972. We by our Fuel for our Cars in Litres and our speeds are in MPH. I like Degrees Centigrade. I wish they would stick to one unit. So the Idea of metric was to simplify things. Each department of Science seem to use different units.
I am pushing for the Planet to go for Decimal Time.

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