Wind speed tags; mph / mps; why mix miles and meters?

It appears the default wind speed text gives you tags set for this;

(round(#WND#)) $#UNITSYS#=IMPERIAL?mph:mps$

Which results in a whole number and mps tag on my watch. I assume mps is meters a second? If so why mixing imperial and metric units? How can I get simple mph? Is this responding to a setting in some other app somewhere? If so I can’t find it as all my weather apps are set to imperial.

This doesn’t seem to be documented?

Just started and made a basic but informative face and I’m pretty impressed with facer, thanks.

Galaxy Watch paired to S10

Seriously, where does this weather info come from? Watch face has been saying thunderstorms all day, samsung face says it’s cloudy like all the other apps I have.

On some of the other threads it’s been mentioned that the weather info comes from OpenWeather at but what my watch says and what that page says don’t quite sync with each other.

What I have noticed with the copied code for wind speed above " (round(#WND#)) $#UNITSYS#=IMPERIAL?mph:mps$ " my watch will start saying “xx mph” after a while when I check again it says the same number but mps. Checking the settings in my watch app it says that it’s set to metric instead of imperial, but everything else is reading imperial including the wind speed. Just has the wrong tag. I substituted ?mph:m/s$ at the end since the OpenWeather website writes it that way for their metric readings. So far my watch has not reverted to m/s unless I force it with a settings change in my phone app then everything changes to metric including the wind speed and the m/s tag at the end. Switching back to imperial everything still reads correctly with no glitchy changes. Could this be an issue with Facer’s coding?

For info I’m running a Samsung Gear S3 model SM-R760 One UI ver 1.0 Tizen ver Software ver R760XXU2ESF2 with Facer watch app version and phone app version 5.1.20_101361-(101361) on a MOTO X with Android 9.

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What watch setting are you referring to for metric/imperial, I can’t seem to find it? I tried the tag you mentioned and my display changed to m/s so maybe the setting I can’t find is the issue.

As far as accuracy goes elsewhere I’ve seen mentioned that the feed is often different than what the website shows, even when asking about the exact area code. Just seems like openweather has some issues. I subscribe to dark sky android, would love to use their data on the watch face.

The setting that keeps changing is on the watch at the end of the Facer watch faces. The one I’m using to switch between imperial and metric is in the phone app in the settings menu accessed by touching the 3 bars at the top left of the app.

Well the setting in facer phone app settings was already imperial but I switched it back and forth and now the watch is saying mph, hope that sticks.

I also found an extra option, in my user where my watch face I made is listed; select that and there’s a settings icon with unit system, was also set to imperial.

Also see that watch model and OS are unknown in the facer app which is interesting.

Facer app 5/1/20_101361(101361).

Mine stayed mph for about an hour but it has glitched again to m/s. Also the watch settings in the watch has switched to metric also. I’m just about to change the tag to read ?mph:mph$ and be done with it. The speed stays imperial just the tag at the end that’s changing. My Facer phone app is still set to imperial and it also says the companion app version is unknown, the watch model is unknown and the watch OS is also unknown. Seems like Facer has quite a few “issues” that do not seem to be addressed.

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You beat me to it, as I was editing the tag I was wondering about just doing that. The real problem with it is I’m not sure if the number was miles/hr or not as the weather API returns different results than the web page. Will see about catching it next time it shows that.

I’m also trying to parse what the rest of the tag means. I understand it’s rounding the wind speed but is IMPERIAL telling it to look for something specific in the returned string and display that number (answer contains both?) or asking the API for imperial answers (query type) or simply asking the system (watch settings) what unit to show and somehow the number selection just happens in the background because of the watch settings.

Edit; reading deeper into your answer the last option seems like what’s happening. If so we should just handle that with static text and ditch the query on what to show all together.

To the best of my understanding (someone correct me if I’m wrong) the part of the coding (round(#WND#)) just smooths out the raw number for the wind speed. If you use #WND# by itself you’ll get something like 123.32142 (example only). I believe the setting in the app from imperial to metric forces the watch to adjust the numbers to be correct for whichever system you wish to use.

The coding $#UNITSYS#=IMPERIAL?mph:mps$ is just to figure out whether the watch is using imperial or metric and adjust the tag accordingly. When I was testing my imperial wind speed was 7 mph, but when I switched to metric it changed to 3.2 or something close. So you could just use the (round(#WND#)) with MPH and it would say it was imperial all the time even if it was reading metric.

Right, I was able to duplicate the issue (didn’t take long for the bug to show up again). Watch was reading 5 m/s. Went into the facer app and changed the settings for this face to metric and watch changed to 2 m/s. Set for imperial and watch changed to 5 mph.

Looks like you were right on displaying the right number with the wrong tag.

Sir, it’s quite possible this asteroid is not entirely stable.

Han Solo:
Not entirely stable. I’m glad you’re here to tell us these things. Chewie! Take the Professor in back and plug him into the hyperdrive![/quote]

My Facer companion app just updated this morning (Aug 24, 19) to, but the bug is still there for metric vs imperial.

hi, can someone help me if it is possible km / h which tag would it be?